7 Factors To Consider Before Acquiring A House With A Pool


Purchasing a house gives you a sense of home ownership, a financial investment that will rise in value over time. Some people are often interested in acquiring homes for sale with a pool in Goodyear, AZ, as the average cost of these houses with pools in the yards varies from as low as $335,000 up to $1,495,000.


Goodyear is a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona. The housing costs in Goodyear are 48% more expensive than the national average. In Goodyear, Arizona, the average cost of a home is $591,003. An inground pool installation costs an average of $20,656, and the prices will go from $10,863 to $31,241.


The Sonoran Desert, where Goodyear is located, maintains a hot desert environment. Goodyear experiences hot summers, chilly winters, and a typically dry and clear climate all year. The temperature infrequently drops below 34°F or rises above 113°F and ranges typically from 42°F to 107°F.


Factors To Consider

You should pay attention to the factors below when acquiring a house with a pool.


  1. Pool Enhances The Overall Value


Numerous circumstances exist when having a pool; it might raise the value of your home. If you reside somewhere with warm temperatures, this is particularly real. Homes for sale with pool in Goodyear, AZ, will rise in their overall value as buyers want a pool due to the warm climate.


  1. Value of the Pool


Find out how much the buying cost belongs to the pool when purchasing a new housing property. When performing the appraisal, an appraiser will grant around 50% of the pool's building expense. When discussing the home's sale price, it is best to consider the pool's value.


  1. Pool Lifespan


The pool's lifespan must be taken into account. Pools are typically built of fiberglass, vinyl, or concrete. It can remain in good condition between 5 to 25 years, based on the type of construction material, before needing significant work, including renovations or replacement.


  1. Pool Condition


Because of faulty construction, there is a high probability that the pool will have minor to severe problems. Thus, before purchasing the house, engage a competent pool inspector to assess the pool's condition. Before you acquire it, you may frequently work out a deal to make the seller repair the pool.


  1. Think About Budget For Pool Maintenance


People with little time and energy to clean and maintain the pool often hire pool cleaning companies. Professional maintenance costs range from $80 to $150 each month. The experts may have more difficulty reaching the water and cleaning the pool if there is no deck.


  1. Safety and Regulatory Compliance


Before purchasing the residence, check with the seller to ensure the pool complies with all applicable national, state, and municipal rules for pool safety. Remember that there may be a homeowner's association for your home with extra guidelines and demands for the pool, such as installing alarms, fences, etc.


  1. Consider Insurance


The homeowner's insurance will probably cover the swimming pool, but discuss it with the agent before purchasing the home. An in-ground pool could be regarded as an exterior building or a residence component. An above-ground pool may require to be listed as personal property by policyholders.


Final Words


Considering the details mentioned above while acquiring a home with a swimming pool, you can be sure you are making a good investment. Get help from a local realtor who will show you different listings, including private house listings.

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