LIFEVIO pet treats is a family-run business dedicated to producing nutritious dog chews with 100% naturally formulated ingredients originating from Nepal to help keep your pet strong, healthy, and paw-sitively happy with every bite. At LIFEVIO, we understand and acknowledge the difficulties our consumers have to face when choosing the right product for your dogs’ needs. For that reason, we strive to provide inclusive, high graded, and preservative-free yak chews with transparent and simple ingredients for pet lovers like you. We are committed and determined to helping dogs live and perform better with our natural FDA and USDA certified dog chews.

LIFEVIO values your pet’s happiness and health, thereby producing reliable and trustworthy dog chews that our brand ethnically stands for. With the combination of ancient and modern methods in creating our delicious treats, it guarantees to satisfy dogs of every size and age. Our product is made with organic ingredients that are sourced directly from the Himalayan mountains. These ingredients include 100% organic yak and cow milk, lime, and Himalayan pink salt. Yak milk provides many health benefits for your pet. It is an excellent source of protein, low in fat, fully digestible, and gluten-free for dogs with sensitive diets.
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