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Fina SOlutions Points

Edsomfintech's FSP application is the perfect solution for anyone looking for an opportunity to start their own business in finance. With Edsomfintech, you can become a FSP for a very affordable price and get your own branded portal to login and start earning profits from day one. Edsomfintech's demo shows you how easy it is to operate the portal and get started with your new business.

Tammina Infotech INC

"TAMMINA INFOTECH was incepted to enable the innovative approach for the companies to gain their competitive edge. We outline the best technology solutions for their products or services to render faster yet accurately. In today’s industry tendencies, maximizing quality productivity is significant for optimal acquisition and profitability capabilities."

Privacy Lock

Penta Privacy Lock provides one solution for global privacy compliance. Click and comply with GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy laws using Privacy Lock's automation services. And the best part is Privacy Lock never collects, stores, or processes any personal information about your consumers. Protect your business and your customers with Privacy Lock today. Privacy Lock uses proprietary data mapping technology to help you know what data you have collected on your customers and what processing is performed on that data.
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