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However, case study is an intensive topic that every researcher shows interest. It is an intensive analysis of an individual unit stressing organic process factors in relevance context.


Irispublaihers_Author guidelines

We invite authors from around the world and from all fields in science to publish their work with us to reach a larger, more relevant audience.

Sukha Wellness Institute

For thousands of years, humankind has been trying to find the solution to happiness. But the reality is, that there is no single solution that is sustainable. Visit to learn more!

Life Coach Los Angeles CA

Find a suitable psychotherapist in London

Are you looking for a psychotherapist in London, UK? Find the most suitable psychotherapist for you. Visit our website today. We remove the guesswork by finding the most suitable Psychotherapist London for you

Basic symptoms of anxiety

Know about basic symptoms of anxiety to learn about anxiety and its effects on your health, Identify which type of anxiety you are suffering from to get right treatment, learn about best relaxation techniques and exercise which help in dealing with anxiety.

Myndro - Uniting Experts, Healing Minds

Myndro provides adult and child counseling for all the mental illnesses like stress, anxiety, depression, OCD, and many more

sound therapy meditation for stress and anxiety

A sound bath is an immersion in beautiful and therapeutic sound vibrations that heals our body, mind and spirit...
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