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Best Way To Detox natural At Home

Have you ever wondered why, as children, a piece of wet cloth was kept on our foreheads when we had a fever? ⁣ Because the use of ‘thandi patti’ helps quickly cure fevers, coughs, and colds. But we never knew that it has many more benefits when applied in a particular way

Jyotika Pant

The aim of this blog ( is to provide general information to readers about lifestyle topics like health, diet, nutrition, skin care, beauty, exercise and fitness, home décor, and travel.

Organic Cold Pressed Oil

Anantya Organic Cold Pressed Oils are certified by the highest authority in the universe & created with the objective to provide healthy, sustainable and organic options by incorporating local flavours to complement Indian cuisine.

Best Energy Drinks

9MM is perfect for people who need a boost during times of intellectual focus and neuro attention. It is packed with nootropic ingredients that focus on increasing brain function.


Organic Pistachio for snacking is one of the healthiest options and has several medical benefits. You don’t have to rely on various junk foods for your snacking or you don’t have to spend huge money in name of healthy options.

CBD Oil for Dogs

Our CBD Oil for Dogs is completely natural and can help them with anxiety, pain, arthritis, epilepsy and even cancer treatments.

Yoga Health Expo 2022 | I Vancouver BC

Yoga health expo 2022 is the 8th international yoga festival & health expo a non-profit organization by aditya tawatia based in vancouver, canada.
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