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Open Gym Equipment

Kidzlet Play Structures Pvt. Ltd. is the best Open Gym Equipment Exporters and Suppliers in India, we are offering Outdoor Fitness Equipment, Children Multiplay System and Open Park Exercise Equipment and many more are available in engaging designs, sizes, hues, and styles. Nowadays, more and more people love the idea of exercising; hence, you may find Open Gym Equipment in almost every second playground around your home or office.

Full body workout at home

Nowadays, everyone wants to look fit and chiseled. The desire of getting in shape often lends us to the doors of the gym. But, guess what? For getting your body in shape you need not join a gym. A full-body workout at home can give you the desired results. Be it chiseled muscles or strength training, a full body workout has immense benefits.


“Guaranteed result no matter what your goal is.” We are not for these type of bluff. BOLT promises only facts and productivity based on science and remain your effort in workout speaks. More than selling protein powders our purpose is to keep you persist and stay forever healthy by advantages of proteins and protect you from adverse effects of protein supplements, thanks to the hero ingredient PHYCOCYANIN. It is our duty to help you having suitable body strength no matter what the destiny have plans for you. So without any further delay let us brief on to our products Riser A Kick Start Formula Pre Workout Supplement pump you to start workout, WHEY ISOLATE and WHEY PROTEIN helps you to lose weight and MASS GAINER and WEIGHT GAINER helps insane fitness freaks. Last not the least BOZYME PLANT PROTEIN specially to motivate vegan audiences.


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SmartPT Online

SmartPT Online is a fully integrated physical therapy software that helps you improve fitness, and balance and reduce pain and injury. It provides all the tools needed to monitor patient progress and organize clinical tasks, from data collection, to exercise prescription and patient-reported outcomes. With SmartPT Online, you can provide your patients with better care by tracking their progress when they are out of your office – and at home.
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