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Best Diabetes Hospitals in Chennai - Prashanth Hospital

We have a team of best diabetologists in Chennai who provide the most reliable treatment for diabetes. Prashanth Hospitals- Best Diabetes Hospital in Chennai, offers affordable packages for Diabetic health check

Medigate Healthcare Group

We are the leading Medical Equipment Supplier in Uganda, Africa, offering world-class Hospital equipment and technology to the healthcare sector.

Best ayurvedic treatment resort in kerala, India

Aanandakosha is a place where the mind, body and soul are treated together by experts practicing the traditional form of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is considered by many scholars to be the oldest healing science.


You should visit a gynaecologist at least once every couple of years. Gynaecological services help us to diagnose and treat any problems with your reproductive system. If you have any gynaecological issues, our best gynaecologist in Whitefield makes your life easy by providing top class gynecological services.

best hospital in lucknow

Tender Palm multi-speciality hospital in the heart of the city. The people of lucknow can now avail top-class health facilities and medical treatment at affordable prices. Tender Palm the multi speciality hospital has brought the latest technology, advanced machines, like robotic and a team of the finest doctors, specialists, and well trained nurses at their service.

How is a diabetic foot ulcer treated?

The fundamental goal of foot ulcer treatment is to achieve healing as quickly as feasible. The faster the wound heals, the less likely an infection will occur. There are numerous vital aspects to consider when treating a diabetic foot ulcer: 1.Infection prevention 2.Taking the strain off the area is referred to as “off-loading.” 3.Debridement is the removal of dead skin and tissue. 4.Using medication or dressings to treat the ulcer 5.Managing blood glucose levels and other health issues 6.Not all ulcers are infected; however, if your podiatric physician identifies an infection, you must follow a treatment plan that includes antibiotics, wound care, and maybe hospitalization.
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