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Tribute From Wildlife Photographers

On the 11th of June 2021, Scarface, a legendary lion, passed on. His death didn’t come as a surprise to people, since his age limits were nearing

10 Interesting Facts about African Cheetahs.

What are 10 Interesting Facts about African Cheetahs.? Famous for its incredible speed and unique sports, a Cheetah is one of the most recognizable big cats.

5 top Tea and Coffee plantations to visit

Agricultural products account for 70% of Kenya’s economic activity and exports, with coffee and tea being the most significant.

Top Airport Hotels in Kenya

Kenya is a vibrant tourist destination in Eastern Africa. It is known for hosting a multitude of wildlife and diverse ecosystems. The climate in Kenya is favorable and allows tourism for the better part of the year.

Best Affordable African Safari on a Budget

Planning an African safari is easy and simple, yet experiential and fun to do. A safari in African Should not break an arm to afford it, there are many ways you can have a budget safari and still experience the best.

Mara Loyk Camp

The Camp has 10 fabulously luxurious en-suite rooms designed to accommodate business and leisure travelers with all-in-room amenities and private verandahs.

Kati Kati camp

Kati Kati is a mobile camp strategically situated in central Serengeti, ideal for exploring the extensive Serengeti plains.

Sanctuary Kichakani Camp

Being a part of Kichakani — translating from Swahili as ‘in the bush’ — means staying in remarkable luxury tents which can be packed up and moved along in a style evocative of the pioneering explorers of the 19th century,

one nature nyarswiga

One Nature Nyaruswiga in the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania is an ultra-luxury African safari lodge, perfectly situated at the heart of Central Serengeti,

Privately Guided Safaris

Our private guided Kenya safaris are special since they offer you pure luxury and exclusive safari experiences in kenya
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