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Waiver Form Ninja Warrior Sydney

It is a requirement that all participants complete a waiver form to be able to use the Ninja Warrior Sydney course.

Birthday Parties Ninja Warrior Sydney

Are you tired of the same old options for your kids birthday parties? Have you done it all before?

Sword Play LA

For all the Los Angeles' sports enthusiasts looking for the most exciting sports to master, your hunt ends at Swordplay LA. Since 1992, we have been the most reliable and welcoming fencing school for fun sword classes and fencing training for all ages and gender.

Ninja Warrior Schools Program

Are you a teacher looking for a different excursion or sport activity for your students? Do you want something that will teach them teamwork, focus and respect?

DOS Taekwondo School Holiday Program | Leading Tae

DOS TAEKWONDO School Holiday Program is the best program you and your kids can have during the holidays. Visit us online today!

Getting Started - Taekwondo Sydney Australia

Getting started with DOS TAEKWONDO is Easy and Fun.Most of all, it’s FREE! How Do I Get Started? It’s very simple, just contact us via email, phone or Facebook and reserve your child’s free one month training.

DOS Taekwondo Grading | DOS Taekwondo Sydney

DOS TAEKWONDO Sydney's taekwondo grading is scheduled at intervals. Check out our grading schedules for more details. Visit us online today!

Taekwondo Tournament | Join with DOS Taekwondo

DOS TAEKWONDO students have the opportunity to compete in regular local and national taekwondo tournament. Visit us online today!

Shrimping BJJ Step By Step: How To Shrimp?

Shrimping BJJ is one of the basic and essential Brazilian jiu-jitsu moves. Indeed, the BJJ shrimp is an awesome movement that helps you to manage distances to try to escape some bad positions in ground fighting.

School Program - Taekwondo Sydney Australia

Dos Taekwondo promotes safe, enjoyable and progressive training environment. We encourage people to reach their full potential at their own pace. Training and learning taekwondo develops our body, emotions, way of thinking and behaviour.
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