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Large Bronze Archangel St Michael Statue

Michael Sctatue is called Archangel Michael Statue or St Michael Statue. According to legend, Archangel first appeared in Jewish literature in the 3rd century BC. Over time, legends about Archangel appeared in major churches. In Judaism, Christianity, Catholicism, Orthodox Christianity, Islam

Custon Large Chinese Fu Foo Dog Statue

The lion statue (Foo Dog Statue) in the Forbidden City is the auspicious beast that guards the gate of the royal palace to ensure the tranquility of the palace. Because the lion is the king of the beasts, it is strong and strong, powerful and imposing.

Custom Hong Kong Bronze HSBC Lion Statue For Sale

Onlyart custom the HSBC Lion Statue,height is 1.38m/4.6ft,lenght is 2.18m/7.3ft,with is 1m/3.3ft,made with bronze material,brass material also can make it,size and color also can customized it,would you like the famous bronze lion statue?

Custom Bronze Cowboy Riding Horse Statue

Cowboy culture is particularly popular in the United States. All kinds of clothing and hats are very popular. In many Hollywood movies, the impression of American cowboys is always mighty, bold and chivalrous. Bronze Cowboy Statue are also very popular in our sculpture industry.

Garden Elderly Old Couple Statue Sitting On Bench

We live in a very loving social environment. We have love in our hearts and a path under our feet. We are grateful for the present and all. This life size Old Couple Statue(Bronze Man and Woman Statue) is from the hands of our artists with 40 years of experience in bronze casting.

Bronze Crab Sculpture Large Brass Crab Statue

The height of the Crab Sculpture is 10ft, the height of the small Crab Statue is 4ft, but we can customize the size of this crab sculpture according to the needs of customers, for example, the height is 3ft, 4ft, 5ft.. We can all be customized,

Custom Chinese Big Metal Stock Bull Statue

In general, life-size bull statues are 2 meters long and weigh around 200 kilograms. We can customize various types of bull sculptures, including rhino sculptures, bull sculptures, bison sculptures, Wall Street bull sculptures, charging bull sculptures, and bull sculptures

Outdoor Garden Life Size Bronze Hippo Statue

we can make custom this Bronze Hippo Statue for your garden,Onlyart main customized sculpture according to picture,all animal we can make it,such fiona hippo statue, fiona hippo garden statue,hutto hippo statues,blue hippo statue,lion statue,wolf statue,deer statue.

Manufacturing and Logistics

The manufacturing and logistics needs of our customers, we create animated videos that highlight your business in the supply chain. You need the best communication tricks to communicate effectively and efficiently with different partners and businesses while working in the industry.

Alina Quintana

Imparare la Danza Classica Online oggi è una realtà: se hai superato gli "anta", anche se parti da zero, danza con Alina e scopri una nuova te!
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