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Watch Short Film Sumati

The film is set in 1990’s. Rekha moves into a new town with her husband Pradeep. They shift into an old house that has been shut for 10 years. Pradeep is out the entire day working, and Rekha spends her days at home rearranging the house.

Watch Short Film Mirchi Café

A cafe harbours three stories an ex serial killer is set on a blind date but he suffers from withdrawal symptoms controlling urges to kill his date To escape a break up situation

Watch Short Film Goregaon

Sowmya and Dhruv go to cheer up their friend Simran who has locked herself up in her home. Their plot works and the three spend the evening out frolicking in the Mumbai streets. On their way home, Simran gets abducted by some men and her friends rush to the police station to file an FIR.

Watch Short Film Farewell Fireflies

In the evening of a school play at a boarding school. Daniel, an eleven year old boy, is waiting by the wings of the stage peeking at the audience. Miss Lily tells him to get on stage and that his parents would be waiting to see him.

Watch Short Film ANNA

Anna waited patiently to tell her husband her big news, little did she know it would end in a murder. She could save herself but the police show up at her house far too quickly and unexpectedly.

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Watch Short Film A Little Off Beat

Amrita and Kunal decide to shift to a live-in relationship. Initially, everything seems to be going perfect. Then little bumps begin to appear. Will Amrita and Kunal get their romance back on track?

Watch Short Film Siege on EPIC ON

After the commander announces a citywide lockdown to make the city crime free, Aaditya, a soldier from the city forces attempts to protect the people of city. Hunted by the commander and his forces, he is unable to cope with the pressure and attempts suicide but lands up in the world of coma.

Watch Short Film Dhachka on EPIC ON

Lata, a 50-year-old woman, is the string that holds her family together. Lata’s husband ANIL 53 and her son SHALIN 24 are always at loggerheads with each other, while her daughter is completely detached from everyone. The family is on their way to attend a wedding.

Watch Short Film Krit on EPIC ON

Karma has her own way of giving it back. Krit , a rowdy teenager misbehaves with everyone, be it his parents or classmates. One day , while running away after his misdeed, he falls down into a well and spends the entire night alone, shouting and crying for help.
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