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Benefits of buying unlisted stocks and shares.

Rurash provides professional guidance in making investment decisions in unlisted shares space. We help our clients understand better investment opportunities for their wealth creation. Perks of investing in unlisted shares: Help you to diversify your portfolio, They offer similar to better return potential as compared to that of listed shares. These stocks may go public at some point in the future and that can offer substantial upside when they list on the stock exchanges. Contact our relationship manager for more information at Unlisted equity investment in India. Advantages of buying Unlisted shares and securities. Which are the unlisted shares in India. Unlisted share price list.

Best crypto trading platform in India | Cointrade

"We believe that when you put your money into something, you should have the power to make it work for you. Cointrade was founded on the idea that we can give this power to you through <a href=>crypto</a> currency. We want to be your go-to resource for buying and selling currencies or trading so that you can make a choice about how you want to invest and grow your wealth. We have a passion for giving our users this kind of control over their assets and helping them move beyond traditional financial systems. Our Vision is to make Crypto transactions & services easy and safe with our trading platform. We are devoted to offering compliance, dependability, security, customer service, and delivering a smooth user Interface to create trust through Cointrade. Our Mission is to promote financial freedom for everyone. Trading on Cointrade is as simple as 1.2.3. Here you go! Download the Cointrade App Download our mobile app from the Play Store for Android users and from App Store for iOS users. Complete your KYC Complete your KYC in under 5 minutes with just your PAN Card, Aadhar & a Selfie. Trade One tap and you’re all set to trade in multiple currencies"

Savings Plans - Guaranteed Saving Insurance Plans in India

With Future Generali saving plans, you can secure your financial future with the sum assured and a guaranteed or vested bonus at the time of maturity <a href=>Read More</a>

Recover Financial Life| Life Insurance Companies in Calgary

Take the best insurance policy offered by the best <a href=>life</a> insurance companies in Calgary. Insurance is an important part of living a secure . They will help you develop a bright future for yourself. Rajdeep Dhaliwal insurance is very helpful in providing you with perfect insurance at a reasonable price.

Business Risks: The 9 Most Common Types

<a href=>Read More</a>

Get maximum loan against Demat shares - Rurash

Want a quick loan against securities? Not to worry…… Rurash Financials Pvt. Ltd. is there when you need it we provide instant loans against securities for your monetory requirements. We give secured financing ranging from 5 lakhs to 100 crores as per your financial needs. And guess what? It takes just 1 day of processing for approval (after the opening of an account and pledging of securities.) You can avail your loan In 5 simple steps: Register, KYC, PLedge, Verify OTP & E-sign. Contact our relationship manager for further assistance at What is a loan against shares/securities?, loan against equity shares interest rates, loan against shares for an approved list of 800+ securities, features and benefits of Loan against securities, How to get a loan against mutual funds.

Financial Auditor Gold Coast | Allen and Wolfe Auditors

Here at Allen & Wolfe, we love working with people and helping companies and businesses solve their problems and also making sure we upkeep integrity in the <a href=>financial</a> system.

Down Payment Assistance KY

Buying a new home in Kentucky? We understand how tough it is to save money for <a href=>payment</a> . With our down assistance, a qualified homebuyer can get grants, loans, and programs that make you owner faster! To know more about the process visit our website

Gold Jewellery Buyers in Bangalore

Are you looking for Gold Buyers in Bangalore, India? We are one of the leading and trustable Gold Buying Company at maximum value Gold rate per Gram. Our primary motto is to provide the highest price for the <a href=>gold</a> to our clients.

Is Swiggy Listed In Stock Market? Funding, IPO, and Acquisitions!

Our go-to app for placing food orders is Swiggy, but many people are cautious about making an investment in it. Is Swiggy Listed In Stock Market? is one of the questions we hope to address in this article. With billions of dollars invested in businesses that can serve your favourite biryani in 20 minutes, food delivery platforms have completely transformed the food industry in India. The estimated revenue from online food deliveries in India is $12.14 billion in 2022 and is projected to rise to $20.26 billion in 2027. Before the new firms entered the meal delivery market, Swiggy and Zomato had already made names for themselves. About <a href=>swiggy</a> Meal from restaurants is delivered by the food delivery firm Swiggy to consumers' homes, places of employment, or colleges. The company was established in Bengaluru, India, in 2014. No matter what kind of food or beverage they serve, the app lists every neighbourhood eatery. Orders are placed by customers via the app. Let's look at the company's operations before we respond to the query Is Swiggy Listed In Stock Market. How is Swiggy growing its company? In its history, Swiggy has purchased five businesses; the most recent, Dine Out, costing $200 million, was the most recent acquisition. Swiggy has purchased five businesses over the years: Dineout, Kint, Supr Daily, Scootsy, and 48East. According to Crunchbase, 40 investors have contributed to Swiggy's funding, including 14 lead investors. According to EquityZen, venture capital companies like Wellington Management, Tencent Holdings, Samsung Ventures, Accel, Norwest Venture Partners, and SAIF Partners have contributed to the billion-dollar startup. What amount has Swiggy raised? The business is well capitalised, with funding totaling up to $3.6 billion thus far. The most recent acquisition by Swiggy with this finance was Dineout in 2022 for a price of $ 200 million. With the most recent Softbank round raising 700 million dollars for the company, Swiggy is valued at $10.7 billion. This increased its valuation from $5.5 billion a year ago by a factor of two. Now to address the query, Is Swiggy a publicly traded company? Not yet, is the answer. If a company's common stock is traded on the Bombay Stock Exchange or the National Stock Exchange, it is deemed to be publicly listed in India. In addition to public markets, some Pre-IPO companies trade there as well. On websites like Altius Investech,, etc., you can look for the share prices of unlisted firms. Zomato, the primary rival of Swiggy, is traded on the NSE and BSE. Four years prior to Swiggy, it was incorporated in 2010. Zomato went public in July 2021 at a price between $72 and $76 per share, opening at a premium of $126. Since the company's IPO, its share price has been steadily declining. 90 percent of the Indian market for food delivery is controlled by Swiggy and Zomato combined.
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